The festival begins in the last week in May, encompassing the late May UK Bank Holiday,

Dates for 2022 are Friday 27th May to Saturday 4th June.

Dates for 2023 will be released by the end of 2021.


Do I need a ticket for the festival?

No, you just need to get to Islay.
Distillery days are open to all, though some charge a small entrance fee. You only need tickets for individual events, these are run by the Fèis Ìle Committee, or by the distilleries themselves.


When are event tickets released?

For the official Fèis Ìle events, we try to release these as early as possible, so can be available around October to November.
Distillery events are usually booked much closer to the time, and start to become available around March.


How do I get to Islay?


The ferry terminal for Islay is at Kennacraig. You can either come as a foot passenger via the bus from Glasgow, or drive to the terminal. Do book early to avoid issues, the ferry booking for festival time is usually available from late October to November.


How do I get to Islay?


You can fly to Islay from Glasgow on Loganair. Click the links below to take you to the offical websites for more infomation.


How do I find accommodation?

Islay has a wide range of accommodation: from hotels, B&B’s, self-catering to glamping pods, hostels and campsites.

Accommodation can be tricky to find as the festival is so popular. Unfortunately, this is not something that the Fèis Committee can help with.

Starting at Visit Scotland or Explore Islay and Jura is a good way to go. We’re asking local accommodation providers to post with the hashtag #fèisaccommodation so you can search for that in future years.


How do I get around Islay?

Though Islay is small, you do need transport to get around. You can hire a car, take a taxi or even hire a bike – though it’s quite a way between some of the villages.

Taxis should be booked up well in advance, as public transport can be busy.

If you are driving, please use a designated driver and don’t drink and drive.


How do I get the festival bottles?

During a regular festival it’s simply a matter of getting in the queue to get your bottles. Keep an eye on social media of your favourite distilleries for releases and information. The Fèis Committee don’t have any inside info – unfortunately! If you need any specific information, please contact the individual distillery.
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